Readers respond to a Guardian report showing a significant fall in prosecutions in England and Wales and victims waiting longer for justice

Your front-page report (Revealed: collapse in rape cases that end up in court, 27 July) was truly shocking and leads us to ask whether rape has effectively been decriminalised. Justice system leaders, including those at the top of the police, prosecution service and courts, must be pressed on your revelation that only one in every 65 rapes reported to the police now ends up in court. If they were school or hospital leaders they would surely be put into special measures and new management brought in.

The government is already running a review into what is going wrong with investigating and prosecuting this crime. We hope this is at the top of the new ministers’ in-trays and that radical changes are considered. For example, we need special advocates for every victim who reports, a stricter ban on “sexual history evidence” fit for the digital age, proactive police and prosecutor action plans to improve justice outcomes, and a willingness to look at whether special interventions with juries in rape cases are needed.

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