Drivers for Hermes are being offered guaranteed minimum wages and holiday pay. Over to you, Uber et al

In Greek mythology, Hermes is the god of trade, commerce, merchants, roads and travellers, but also the god of trickery. The parcel delivery firm that shares its name with a French fashion house, an asset management company and the Olympian deity, might be associated with all those things, except – as of this week – possibly the last on that list.

After hundreds of Hermes couriers in summer 2018 won the right to be recognised as “workers” at an employment tribunal, the company this week offered guaranteed minimum wages and holiday pay to its drivers – the first such offer in the industry. The agreement means that the 15,000 individuals ferrying parcels up and down the country every day can still enjoy all the flexibilities associated with being self-employed if they choose to, but they will also be able to opt into contracts that provide far more favourable rights.

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