Ten years after Debbie Purdy’s successful legal case, signatories, including her husband, appeal to the UK justice minister for change

We represent a diverse range of perspectives from across British society, including those who have accompanied loved ones abroad for an assisted death. We all agree that the right to choose how we die is a fundamental human right, and that those who are either terminally ill or facing incurable suffering should have the option of a peaceful, painless, and dignified death.

It is 10 years since Debbie Purdy’s successful legal case, requiring the director of public prosecutions to clarify when a person who accompanies a loved one to Switzerland can expect to face prosecution under the Suicide Act 1961. At the time, only two people a month travelled from the UK to Switzerland to end their life. Research from the UK’s Assisted Dying Coalition reveals that now more than one person a week makes that journey.

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