The home secretary’s pledge to target middle-class cocaine users could backfire, warns Nick Moss, while Seth Gillman makes a case for the legalisation of all drugs. Dave Young thinks Mr Javid should listen to The Archers more

Sajid Javid’s Tory conference speech (Sajid Javid pledges to get tough on middle-class cocaine users, 2 October) goes to show that duplicity has no consequences in politics today. In stating that he intends to target middle-class drug users, Javid admits that policing up to now has been targeted at poor, black kids at the lowest end of the dealing chain. Will his effective acknowledgment of prior race and class bias in policing have any consequences for him? No more than his declaration that government will now be “providing the right resources” – a tacit admission that crime has risen in tandem with cuts.

Even in the face of the crisis in UK prisons, all that’s on offer is an extension of the “war on drugs” and a consequent increase in prison numbers. Still, in policing middle-class drug users, the Tories will probably disenchant the only element of their base they haven’t already alienated.
Nick Moss

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