Before being sent back to jail for failing to pay back the proceeds of crime, the 78-year-old career burglar gave his only press interview

He was the lookout man in the Hatton Garden £14 million safe deposit burglary. But on Thursday he was told that, for the foreseeable future, he will be looking out of the windows of one of HM’s prisons because little of the stolen loot has been returned.

Kenny Collins, who is 78, was jailed for 2,309 days – just over six years – under the Proceeds of Crime Act and told by the judge, Richard Blake, “It was entirely [your] decision to commit this crime at a time of life when most people hope to enjoy a quiet retirement.”

My first offence was in 1951 for stealing bikes when I was 11 years old

I would have said the jewellery was worth about £8m retail – it was mostly old

It never occurred to us to take any weapons. We wouldn’t have been able to run away

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