I faced maternity discrimination and was pushed into signing an NDA. An MPs’ report shows my story is all too common

For a lot of women, finding out you are pregnant opens up an array of questions. Will the baby be a boy or girl? Will everything go smoothly with the pregnancy?

Sadly, another question that often pops up amid the excitement is: how will my employer take the news that I am expecting a baby? Pregnancy discrimination is a huge problem in the UK, with around three-quarters of pregnant women experiencing some form of disadvantage at work. In a survey for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, one in nine mothers reported that they were either dismissed, made compulsorily redundant or treated so poorly they felt they had to leave their jobs - that’s the equivalent of 54,000 new mothers a year. Yesterday, a new report from MPs highlighted evidence that some companies are pressurising women to sign non-disclosure agreements in order to cover up this unlawful behaviour and discrimination.

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