Doctor who has escorted five other people to their deaths says he is also likely to end his life at Dignitas

Dr Michael Irwin has boarded five planes to Switzerland with somebody who has not come back. In two years’ time, when he is 90, he thinks he may decide he has had what he calls “a completed life”. In which case, the one-way ticket to Dignitas will be for him.

Irwin, a former GP and for 32 years a doctor at the United Nations, mostly in New York where he briefly treated visiting Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan as well as UN staff, agrees he currently has “a very nice life”. Sitting in the sunshine over tea in the courtyard garden of the Royal Over-Seas League in London, backing onto Green Park, it must be hard to contemplate leaving it. He has a UN pension paid in dollars, three daughters and eight grandchildren, a partner whom he calls “my fourth wife though we’re not married” and is on lunching terms with the others.

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