The former president of the supreme court discusses standing out in a male-dominated industry – and the story behind the infamous pin she wore for the prorogation judgment

This outfit – a dress and the brooch – epitomises the sort of look that I have when I’m sitting as a judge. I wore this black crepe A-line dress, with velvet bands across it and a rather pretty stand-up collar, for the prorogation decision, but the black spider brooch in this picture is a different one.

The spider in this photograph lived on that dress and I had decided that it was the appropriate dress to wear for the prorogation judgment, but when I got it out of the wardrobe the spider was no longer there. It had obviously dropped off at some point and I couldn’t find it, so, because a spider lived on that dress, I looked in my drawer and found another redder, silvery, sparkly one.

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