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How to instruct Us for Process Service or Legal Services, Divorce Petitions, Claim Forms, N39's, Stat Demands, and more

The quickest way to Instruct us is by email. We will print the required number of copies to be served.

If the original documents need serving then the simplest way is to post them to our Head Office which will then allocate the papers to our Process Server covering the given area.

For very urgent instructions the papers can be sent direct to our the Process Server's direct address or we may be able to arrange collection of the papers from you.

To Instruct us one of our experienced Process Servers in the UK by post please send the documents you require serving plus a copy of these to us.

Head Office:

Unit 1 Larks Rise
SG19 2TU

If your process service is of an urgent nature (within 3-4 days of us receiving papers) then please contact us on 0208 133 9895 prior to sending instructions as the work may need sending directly to the process server covering that particular area.

When you instruct us, please include an email address and the contact name of the person dealing with the case. We will normally confirm safe receipt of your documents either by email or telephone.

Check the following before instructing us:-

  • Check the process server has sufficient time for service - if the deadline for process service is less than 3 days away you must contact us first by telephone 0208 133 9895 so we can confirm and plan for your instructions.
  • Check the name of the person being served is correct - if it is incorrect, you must take it back to the Court and ask them to amend it. Only a Court Officer is able to make the amendment - doing it yourself may invalidate the document. Failing to amend it can result in the service being invalid as the person served can argue they are not the person named on the document.
  • Check the service address is complete - although an incorrect or incomplete address does not invalidate your documents, it can cause a delay in the Process Service of your document.
  • Check whether you can provide any other useful information - by providing any of the following information we can ensure our process servers attend at the right times and speak with the right people:-
    • Times when the subject is likely to be home
    • Work address
    • Vehicle details
    • Physical description or photo
    • Age or date of birth

Below are the timescales for various documents for Process Service

Claim Form Within 4 months of the date of issue (or amendment), or within 6 months if it is served out of the Jurisdiction.
Particulars of Claim Within 14 days of service of the Claim Form.
Application Notice As soon as possible, and not less than 3 days before the hearing
N39 Order to Attend Court for Questioning Not less than 14 clear days before the date appointed for the examination to take place
N79a Suspended Committal Order Not less than 14 clear days before the date appointed for the examination to take place
Claim for Possession of Land Residential - not less than 5 clear days before hearing.Other Land - not less than 2 clear days before hearing.
Notice of Application for Attachment of Earnings It is recommended  that if personally served, it is at least 8 clear days before the hearing.
Notice of Application for Injunction Not less than 3 days before the Court is due to hear the application
Divorce Petition No set timescale
Judgment Summons Personal service not less than 10 days before the Hearing. Debtor is entitled to a reasonable sum to cover travelling expenses.
Family Law - Applications with Notice Not less than 2 business days before the date on which the Application is being heard
Family Law - Application without Notice As soon as possible
Statutory Demand No set time limit
Winding Up Petition It should be dealt with as a matter of urgency, and in any case at least 14 days before the date of the Hearing.
Bankruptcy Petition Not less than 14 clear days before the Hearing
Magistrates Court Summons Where circumstances permit it should be served at least 7 days before the Hearing

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