Attorney outraged by new statement by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defending as ‘fair and reasonable’ its process to expel the director in 2018

A lawyer representing Roman Polanski has called an explanation by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (Ampas) of its move to expel the director last year “totally absurd and a total sham”. Speaking to Deadline, Harland Braun called both the response and the original decision “a stupid PR stunt by them to look politically correct”.

On 3 May 2018, Ampas stripped both Polanski and Bill Cosby of their memberships, following what the organisation earlier this week called a “fair and reasonable process”. In papers submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court in response to a motion made by Polanski against them this April, Ampas said:

The Academy’s own bylaws make clear that the board enjoys broad discretion to expel members for cause and do all other acts necessary or expedient for the administration of the affairs and attainment of the Academy’s mission and purposes. Moreover, the board has discretion to determine the procedure for a hearing or investigation.

Comment peut-on se servir de la vie tragique de quelqu’un tout en le piétinant .... a méditer ( je parle du système qui piétine Roman ) Petit ajustement car je vois que des gens ne comprennent pas mon propos . Je ne critique pas le film . Je dis juste que cela ne les dérange pas de faire un film qui parle de Roman et de son histoire tragique et donc de faire du business avec ca , alors que de l autre coté , ils en ont fait un paria . Et tout cela sans le consulter bien sûr. Que le film soit bien , heureusement , j ‘ai envie de dire . Mais le concept me dérange .

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