Stripping the 21-year-old of British citizenship shows the cruelty of this government, writes Michael Meadowcroft, while Dr David Miller says that the UK cannot shirk its legal obligations. Plus letters from Carola Salvadori, Rebecca Durant and John Adams

This government’s levels of cruelty are still rising inexorably. The latest evidence is its decision to appeal against the court of appeal’s judgment that Shamima Begum must be allowed to present her case against the removal of British citizenship in person (Shamima Begum: Home Office to fight court rule letting Isis recruit return to UK, 16 July).

Of course what she originally did in joining Isis was wholly wrong, but she was a schoolgirl of 15 when she absconded, and statements she made supporting Isis were made with an Isis official standing over her. Under duress she was made to marry an Isis gunman with whom she had three children, all of whom died. What an appalling five years for a young woman.

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