Suzanne Fletcher and Jackie Fearnley respond to a report on shackles and restraints being used on hundreds of deportees

Your article on the use of shackles and restraints on those being deported (12 August) is a shocking revelation of how those being removed from the UK are treated. The National Independent Commission on Enforced Removals (NICER) report by Citizens UK contained clear and workable recommendations to make such removals safe and humane. This includes the use of painless restraint only if absolutely necessary and ending the use of shackles .

It has long been Liberal Democrat policy to end the use of private-sector companies for such enforcement and detention, and we demand the urgent implementation of the NICER report. All parties that care about treating people with humanity need to come together on this issue, so that this abuse of power, rightly condemned by David Lammy in your report, is brought to an end.
Suzanne Fletcher

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