Alex Hepburn has been punished and that is good. Woman hating foments in ungoverned places

Alex Hepburn’s blue eyes are pale under a dark, straight brow. In the news photos, his gaze resembles the male model aesthetic of an Armani or Ralph Lauren campaign, and the juxtaposition of his youth in an older man’s suit does, too. Maybe Hepburn styled himself that way. In his own words, the 23-year-old was one of a “pair of tens”, and entitled to be “banging models”. He is a rapist.

Hepburn has just been sentenced to five years jail by a British court. Two years ago, the former cricketer raped a woman who he found sleeping in his British teammate’s bed. After consensual sex with the woman, his teammate Joe Clarke had gone into his bathroom and drunkenly passed out. Then Hepburn entered the room. The dozing woman believed the man who began performing sex acts upon her was Clarke, until Hepburn spoke with an Australian accent. She left the flat, and was found “distressed and sobbing” by a stranger in the street.

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