Dr Devan Moodley

Dr Devan Moodley, a psychiatrist from Manchester, was found by the High Court to have ran a dishonest defence. That defence having been run by Dr Moodley for a period of 2 years up to and including at trial, raises serious questions with respect to Dr Moodley's compliance with the General Medical Council's code of conduct. The General Medical Council on it's website under it's "Maintaining Trust" to doctors states:

  • Be Honest and open and act with integrity.
  • Never abuse your patient's trust in you, or the public's trust in the profession.

It goes on to say, "You are personally accountable for your professional practise and always be prepared to justify your decisions and actions...."

Whilst Dr Devan Moodley is South African, he works in the UK, he is subject to the code of conduct of the General Medical Council. Should the public simply accept and forgive doctors who have fallen below the standard expected of them or should the public expect those standards to be rigorously adhered to and maintained by a regulator which is there to protect the public?

Please not the the eminent and world renowned South African Oncologist, Dr Devan Moodley, is not involved or associated with this case. He merely shares his name with the psychiatrist currently from Manchester, England, who was found by the High Court to have ran a dishonest defence.

To read more on this case, go to http://www.pinnacle-investigations.co.uk/dr-devan-moodley-of-manchester-possible-doctor-lies/

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