From the Presidents Club to Christine Blasey Ford, it’s not been a great year. But there were glimmers of hope, such as in Ireland

A pale, slouching Harvey Weinstein has so far escaped criminal charges for the allegations of sexual assault against him. A “millionaire” is given a three-year jail sentence for killing a woman, who died from the 40 horrific injuries he inflicted on her, including having bleach poured over her face, because this was said to be “consensual” rough sex. The incredibly brave Kurdish women who have faced down Islamic State have now been totally abandoned by Trump’s policy on Syria. This is how we end the year, and though there are those reluctant still to give up the narrative of sunlit progress, it’s not been a great one for women.

But there are so many great and good women out there who shine light into the darkness. I raise a glass to you for 2019

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