dna fingerprints and forensics

Forensics, DNA, Fingerprints








Pinnacle's Forensics Expertise extends to the following services including Fingerprints, DNA

Anthropology, Blood and Body Fluids, Blood Spatter, CCTV, Computers, Contamination, Court Presentations, Clothing Damage, DNA Profiling, Drugs, Firearms, Fingerprints, Fires, Photography, Glass, Hair, Handwriting, Medico-Legal, Oils, Pathology, Psychology, Examination, Re-construction, Questioned Documents, Shoes, Chemical Taggants, Tools, Toxicology, Vehicle Tyres.

From scene of crime to courtroom

Pinnacle offers a complete “crime” service:

Attendance at scenes of crimes
Paper reviews of cases
Examination or re-examination of items
Analysis of any evidence found (body fluids, DNA, glass, paint, textile fibres)
Inerpretation of findings
Preparation of reports and “Section 9 Statements”
Attendance at case conferences
Presentation of evidence in Court

Crime Types

Actual / grievous bodily harm, wounding and other assaults, Armed robbery, Arson, Burglary, robbery and theft, Child abuse / protection, Childcare proceedings, Criminal damage, Damage to property, Document fraud, Drink / drug driving, Endangering life, Firearms offences, Forgeries and fraud, Illicit drugs production / cultivation / supply / importation, Kidnap, Money laundering, Motor vehicle crime, Murder / homicide and manslaughter, Poisoning, Product contamination, Rape and other sexual assaults (including drug facilitated sexual assault – “date rape”), Sexual abuse, Street drugs and drugs cultivation, Suspicious deaths, Terrorism, Torture