Alexandra Wilson made headlines when she was mistaken for a defendant three times in one day. But she remains determined to tackle racism in the courts

I remember the first time that I was stopped by police officers simply because of the colour of my skin. It was a dark winter night and I was in east London, driving Jermaine, my boyfriend at the time, home. I’d driven through the area a number of times, often in daylight, but this was my first time driving there at night.

We had almost reached his house when I noticed a police van following closely in my rear-view mirror. “Why is this van so close? We’re in a 30 zone!” Jermaine turned his head and looked behind us. He nudged my arm: “Erm, Alex, I think the police are tailing you. You might want to pull over.”

I was the only person being treated like this. There were male and female lawyers. I was the only black lawyer

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In Black and White: A Young Barrister’s Story of Race and Class in a Broken Justice System by Alexandra Wilson is published by Endeavour. (£8.99). To order a copy go to Delivery charges may apply.

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